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Servants of the Most Holy Blood at service of the Holy Face

Dear Friends,

In June 2014 exactly four years have passed from the beginning of the religious mission of Servants of the Most Holy Blood by the Sanctuary of the Holy Face of Jesus in Manoppello.

Sisters from this religious community not only serve in the Sanctuary by working with different groups (of various languages), through music service during the Mass, leading Eucharistic adoration, praying every day in front of the Holy Face but also their house has become a place to stay for many pilgrims, who knock at their door to contemplate the Face of Jesus and to renew their spiritual life.

Moreover people living nearby gather in their house to pray together, stay for a night adoration of Jesus in the Holy Sacrament, take part in the Bible meetings and have spiritual talks. Sisters’ house has become more and more cramped and should be immediately extended to give an opportunity to carry out all these tasks. That’s why a project of extending the house was prepared. This project includes renovation of the old part and building an assembly hall for different purposes – to celebrate the Holy Mass, have conferences, adoration or sometimes as a dormitory with mattresses for "courageous" people. Apart from that there will be a new kitchen and bedrooms for guests. Near the main building there will be also two small detached houses (for families or individual guests who would like to experience here some kind of a hermitage).

Last year there were floods and days of heavy rain in Italy. Sisters realized that they need a renovation of the roof, a good draining system and financial sources to protect slopes from erosion and subsiding of the ground.

From 2011 Sisters have been trying intensively to get a permission for the extension plan. There where some difficulties but thanks to great prayer, intercession of St. Joseph and our Angel of Light on 16th May 2014 – the day before the celebration of the Holy Face of Jesus – the permission was given. After requesting again for the estimated budget for realization of the project it appeared that Sisters need help to fulfill this plan. Maybe among your friends or people of good will that you know there are open hearts that would like to make a donation to participate in the building.

If somebody would like to take part – together with Servants of the Most Holy Blood - in building this place located on the way to "Tabor Mountain" - the Sanctuary of Holy Face of Jesus - and needs any additional information – can contact Sisters by an email ( or by a phone call (+39 085 85 98 74).

Yours Ancelle del Santissimo Sangue

Sr. M. Immacolata,
Sr. M. Józefa,
Sr. M. Pia
& Monika